Evey's Pantry is here to provide you with all your freeze dried fruit, veggie, and candy needs. This project started out of necessity of our oldest son, Everett. Everett has Sanfilippo Syndrome, a rare genetic disease that is best described as childhood Alzheimer's. Because the textures of most fruits and veggies are difficult for him to chew we started purchasing freeze dried fruit. He loved it and we loved that he was able to eat healthy foods easily and safely. After researching freeze drier machines we decided to go all in. Why not make his healthy snacks and offer them to others at the same time. Although we aren't a huge sweets family we learned you can create the most amazing freeze dried treats out of candy, ice cream, etc. Its been a fun adventure and we are so excited to offer the experience of both freeze dried staples and unique treats to you and your family.